Why moon days?

In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, moon days are used as “holidays” or rest days. On the new moon and the full moon, the sun and the moon have a greater gravitational pull on the earth. This energy effects us physically and emotionally. (Hence, why emergency room visits tend to be higher on these days.) It is beneficial for our bodies to take rest on these days, in order to maintain a sustainable practice. Practicing Ashtanga Yoga we become in sync with the natural rhythm of nature. Noticing a sense of grounding during the new moon, and a energetic, emotional experience during the full moon.

How do I spend my moon days?

I spend my moon day mornings, reflecting and journaling intentions for the season ahead. I like astrology and researching what energy’s are floating around in the ethers during the given moon cycle. I also very much enjoy the rest. As Ashtangis we have a tendency to push and give a lot of energy to the practice. I think of these built in rest days as a day to honor the body God gave me and it’s ability to do this practice.

That being said I usually eat all the heavy foods on or before moon days ;)

thanks for reading, Kaila