Mysore style is the traditional practice of the Ashtanga yoga system. Mysore is a self placed class allowing individual instruction of the Ashtanga yoga practice. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of the Mysore style starting with basic Sun salutations and breathing and building from there. As a beginner you may have a shorter practice as strength and flexibility builds more poses will be added one at a time. All levels welcome! For more information on Mysore click here


Restorative is a form of yoga that gives mental and emotional relaxation while restoring the physical body. This style of yoga helps balance out a fast paced life style by blending together Yin and restorative poses. Helps muscles recover at a slow pace.  Aids in quieting the mind and enhancing your flexibility. All levels welcome!

Improv Flow

Our Improv flow class is a Vinyasa inspired class geared towards working on students desired poses. The teacher improvises by teaching poses based on strength and flexibility to achieve the desired poses. All levels welcome! 

Led Primary

This class is the entire Ashtanga primary series guided by a teacher with the traditional breath count. This class may be faster paced then your Mysore practice, it is a way to learn the practice and breath correctly. This class is mandatory if you have a Mysore practice:-)!